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BM Organics

You can browse through some of our classes below. If you would like to sign up for a class please click on the sign up button. This will lead you to our Meet-up group at http://www.meetup.com/organic-and-natural-family-living where you can register and pay for classes. We hope to see you soon!


Healthy Organic Snacks Class

Come taste, see and learn about truly healthy organic snacks for your family. Kids can come and play! BM Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Store 2, Ft. Lauderdale. Kids are welcome! Advanced Reservations Required.

Intro to Healthy Family Nutrition

Learn how to attain optimum health through nutrition for physical regeneration. Not all foods are created equal! BM Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Store 2, Ft. Lauderdale. Kids are welcome Advanced Reservations Required.

Healthy Kids Nutrition Class

A class for kids that teaches them how to select healthy food over junk and why. Parents can drop-off or stay. BM Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Store 2, Ft. Lauderdale. Advanced Reservations Required.

Teens Nutrition Class

Teens learn basics of making healthy choices for optimum nutrition and health. Look good and feel good! BM Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Store 2, Ft. Lauderdale. Advanced Registration Required.

Weston A. Price Ft. Lauderdale Chapter MeetingFree!

Come learn about nutrition and physical regeneration. Learn how to gain access to real organic wholesome food. For your health and your family! BM Organics- Natural Family Living Resource Center: 4861 North Dixie Highway, Store 2, Ft. Lauderdale. Dr. Paola Weber is the Weston A. Price Foundation Ft. Lauderdale Chapter Leader. Kids are welcome!
Please call to register.

New Parents Support Group

Come for support and learn ways to eliminate new parent anxiety. Get your questions answered and go home refreshed. Kids are welcome! BM Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Store 2, Ft. Lauderdale. Contact Dr. Paola Weber: (954)330-3561 Advanced Reservations Required.

Intro to Baby-WearingFree!

BM An introduction to the health benefits of baby-wearing for baby and mother. Learn how an infant is regulated by his/her mother. Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Ft. Lauderdale, Store 2 Kids are welcome! Advanced Reservations Required.

Intro. to Natural Parenting

Come learn the basics of natural parenting. For expecting, new and experienced parents wanted to take a more natural approach to parenting. BM Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Ft. Lauderdale, Store 2Kids are welcome! Advanced Reservations Required.

Infant/Toddler Open-play GroupFree!

Bring the kids to play along with some mom to mom fun time. There will be discussion of constructive play and attachment. Get your questions answered while the kids play! BM Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Ft. Lauderdale, Store 2

Breastfeeding Support Group

Bring the kids to play while moms get breastfeeding support. This is a process group facilitated by Dr. Weber. Topics include ecological breastfeeding and attachment, healthy mom and baby, fertility, oral development, etc. BM Organics Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 N. Dixie Highway, Ft. Lauderdale, store 2 Kids are welcome! Advanced Reservations Required.

Intro to Infant Potty-Training

Come learn about Elimination Communication. Babies can learn to go potty with caregiver's help! You will be amazed! No more struggles with the potty! Come see our cloth diapers and learn how to use them. $20.00 Space Limited. BM Organics, Natural Family Living Resource Center. 4861 North Dixie Highway, Store 2, Ft. Lauderdale, Contact: Dr. Paola Weber at (954)330-3561. Kids are welcome! Advanced Reservations Required.


Every woman has the inherent right to birth her babies in a peaceful environment with the least amount of disturbances and distractions. When a woman is allowed to follow her instincts during the labor and at delivery less possibility of complications exist. It is important for pregnant women to choose a healthcare practitioner they feel comfortable with and who will be as close to a quiet observer as possible. It is interesting to note that when an animal senses fear the birth process will stop dead in its tracks in order for the animal to heed to the fight or flight feelings. This serves as protection for the mother and the baby. A very good book recommended for all pregnant women is The Birth Book by Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears. You can explore your options for birth and the importance of choosing a holistic practitioner, such as a skilled midwife for a birth attendant.


This stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. We encourage women to attempt a VBAC if previous delivery was via Cesarean. Don't be fooled by scare tactics. Do your own research. Join a VBAC group or an ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) group in your area. Choose a VBAC friendly healthcare practitioner for your birth, preferably a midwife for a birth center or home delivery. I personally had a C-section with my first baby because of breech presentation. My second baby was born in a birth center and for my first vaginal delivery he weighed in at 10lbs 8 ounces! My third and fourth babies were born at home!


Follow your instincts! Mothers need to be with their babies and babies need their mothers. Nature is our greatest example. Babies and mothers form a symbiotic relationship from the womb that needs to be fostered and protected upon delivery of the baby. It is important to remember the concept Nine Months In, Nine Months Out. Babies are in-utero for nine months and upon delivery they need an extended period of at least 9 months where they continue to be regulated by their mother's daily rhythms. Human Babies are born completely dependent on their mothers for survival. Mothers and Babies are Healthiest when they are together. Father's play a crucial part in natural parenting. Babies love their daddy's chest to sleep on because of the rhythmic heartbeat. Father's need to make sure mom and baby get enough support during their "babymoon", the first month after birth. Both mother and father need to heed to their instincts. It is good to get help when needed, especially for first time parents. Just make sure you go to a holistic practitioner that supports natural parenting.


This is breastfeeding on demand. Baby nurses as often as he or she wishes both day and night. Breastfeeding is the perfect food for babies. Infants should be allowed to nurse as often as desired. This serves as protection for the health of the baby and the mother. When baby nurses he gets physical and emotional comfort as well as sensory stimulation for optimum growth. Mother's milk provides incredible immunity for baby. For mothers, breastfeeding increases the feel good hormones (Oxytocin), while suppressing ovulation, if frequency of baby at the nipple is high. This is natural family planning at its best! It should be noted that women's breasts are not fully mature until pregnancy. Breastfeeding support is essential. You can do it! Please contact me or a lactation consultant/La Leche League Leader for any breastfeeding concerns or questions! Mom and baby deserve to experience this intensely gratifying bonding time.


Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training deals with the concept that babies can communicate to their mothers their need to eliminate, just like they do when they communicate their feelings of hunger, tiredness, frustration, happiness, etc. I was a skeptic when a friend of mine introduced me to EC (Elimination Communication). I didn't practice EC with my first 2 babies because I wasn't even aware of the concept. It was my third and fourth that enjoyed the benefits of my new knowledge. Babies do not like feeling wet. If given the opportunity, they will learn to communicate their need to use the potty from birth on. When babies learn to communicate their need to use the potty it's a win/win situation for everyone. There is less impact on our environment because there are less diapers to toss out or to clean. Come join our class and learn how to get started with EC.


Be aware that you have choices in diapering! Cloth diapers are not how they use to be! They are so easy and convenient! We can help you every step of the way. Be careful with the chemicals found in most disposable diapers, which are absorbed by your baby's skin. Diaper rash is virtually non-existent in babies who are cloth-diapered and who practice elimination communication at least part-time. My first and second babies suffered from diaper rash because I made the mistake of using disposable diapers! My third and fourth babies did not even have 1 diaper rash! None! A tip to avoid diaper rash is to wash your baby's bottom out with some mild soap and water and a cloth wipe. You can also wash baby's bottom right in the sink. This is the easiest and most convenient way.


All over the worlds babies have been carried by their mother in a pouch like sling or carrier for thousands of years. Baby-wearing facilitates breastfeeding due to immediacy of mother and baby. It regulates baby, stimulates breastfeeding, infant bonding, leads to better sleeping patterns for baby, better digestion, less crying and an overall happy baby and mother! It is a known fact that you hardly know there is a baby around when a mother wears her baby because there is so little crying. The best part is mom can get up and do what she needs to get done with baby in tow. Come learn the basics of baby-wearing with us.


Weston A. Price Foundation is a must see for information on traditional whole foods diet and physical regeneration. God does not want us to be in a sickly state. We can achieve good health through a traditional diet based on whole organic foods. Traditional fats are good for you. Say yes to organic pastured butter, raw milk, lacto-fermented foods, organic bone stocks, and other nutrient dense foods. Recommended Reading: Nutrition and Physical Regeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. These books will shock you! If you are interested in good nutrition for your health these are a must read! We have these books in stock. Also check out www.westonaprice.org.


There is an epidemic that is threatening the lifespan of adults and children in America... Obesity! Two thirds of Americans are now overweight and the numbers keep on growing! Both adults and children are now extremely susceptible to type 2 diabetes! This is very scary because this lowers our lifespan! The best way to lose weight is through nutrition for physical regeneration. Don't follow a "diet" that you are just using to "lose the extra weight". Change the health of your family and yourself! Come be a part of our Weston A. Price Foundation Ft. Lauderdale Chapter or join a local chapter. Visit Westonaprice.org for an incredible amount of life-saving information! Also Dr. Jordan Rubin of Garden of Life started a program called Perfect Weight America. We have the Book in stock as well as his supplements. Say yes to your health!


When you purchase organic products you are supporting farmers who respect the earth and our soil. They are primary examples of being good stewards of the earth! When you buy conventionally grown and produced products you are supporting those that use pesticides and chemical fertilizers that hurt the farmers, the soil and ultimately your health! Every dollar you invest in organic products supports businesses that are striving to be good stewards of the earth. Warning: Be a wise consumer and don't be fooled by the organic label. Now many products are being sold as "organic", which are not good for us, our health and the environment. Always do your research! We at BM Organics try to do this for you as best as we can.


Buying organic grass-fed meats, pastured eggs and poultry, raw grass-fed milk and fruits and vegetables will aid you in your journey to physical regeneration. Beware of processed food that is labeled organic! An organic label does not mean that the food will be good for your health. Stay clear from "dead" food like cookies, juice boxes, crackers, chips and all the other "organic" processed foods that are simply not nutrient dense foods! Come to our Organic Snacks class or other nutritional classes for more information. Come join our Organic Farm Fresh club. We have farm fresh foods available at the store for local pick-up and delivery (every 2 weeks). For more information please call 954.533.3282, stop by our store or email us at drweber@bmorganics.com.


Why buy organic cotton, hemp, and other natural fibers?
Conventional cotton basically pollutes our soil with the biggest amount of pesticides in all crops. Not only does the earth suffer but also those that work the fields! In being a steward of the earth you simply can not support the use of toxic pesticides in conventionally grown cotton! Whenever possible, choose natural fibers that are grown, produced and manufactured in ways that are good for the environment and your health!


Why use organic bedding? First, think about all the off gassing that takes place from your conventional mattress that is filled with chemicals, boric acid, dust mites, etc. Second, these chemicals are at high levels for baby and mother to absorb and breathe in. Look for organic mattresses made out of green latex rubber (natural rubber with no chemicals), organic cotton and wool for natural protection against fire and dust mites. We thoroughly researched the organic mattresses we offer on our site to make sure they are pure! Organic pillows are also essential. Who wants to lay their head on a bunch of chemicals? Be extra careful with the bedding for your baby! We recommend the family bed, but every family is different. If you have a crib please choose and organic mattress! Be careful! Once again some companies claim to be "organic" but many times still include certain chemicals in their mattresses and/or pillows at low levels! Do your research and remember when you shop with us we've done the research for you! Mattress and pillow covers are recommended to further protect from dust mites. Take a look at our bedding products on the site.


Babies skin and hair are pure and sensitive! Do not add chemicals to their skin and hair. Most conventional baby products are filled with chemicals! Choose natural and organic products for baby's skin in order to ward off irritation, rashes and eczema. Also be careful in your diet while breastfeeding because your body serves as a blender for baby. What you absorb through food, water and body care products affects you and your baby. Remember skin is our biggest organ!


All of us want to look our best and sometimes we buy products that we think will make us beautiful. Be careful with any product you put on your skin or your hair! Now we have organic makeup, creams hair and body care products that allow us to look our best and smell our best without filling our bodies with chemicals that are dangerous to our health! Keep checking our website for some of the best products we've found for natural beauty!


Go Organic! Go Green! By practicing sustainable farming, along with the humane treatment of animals, who are fed their normal diet, i.e. grass-fed cows vs. those in a diseased state that are fed grains and are given antibiotics and growth hormones, our health and the health of our planet is preserved. We reap the rewards of biodynamic farming in the end result of good health through physical regeneration. Don't forget to reuse and recycle. Don't be wasteful. Conservation is key. Less is more. When we care for our planet we are caring for OUR Children, OUR Health, OUR Future!


Mind, heart, body and spirit are all connected. We must not forget about our spiritual health! Are you spiritually yearning for truth? We encourage you to search your heart and pray for guidance. The Orthodox Christian Faith is the face of the ancient church to the modern world. It is the second largest body of Christians in the world. Go to www.orthodoxinfo.com to get started.